Halal o Healthy


Halal o Healthy


Buffalo Meat Standard Boneless (Imported) Frozen 3kg

৳ 1,500.00
Buffalo Meat Standard Boneless (Imported) 3kg Frozen Unit: 3kg

Chicken Broiler With Skin 1kg

৳ 350.00
Chicken Broiler with Skin Net weight: 1 kg Color: As given picture. Unit: per KG

Chicken Broiler Without Skin 1200gm+

৳ 365.00
Chicken Broiler Without Skin 1200gm+ Net weight: 1200gm+ Color: As given picture. Unit: per KG

Daily Shopping Sonalika Roast Size 1 Pc 200g+

৳ 180.00
Daily Shopping Sonalika Roast Size 1 pc Net Weight: 200gm+

Duck (হাঁস) Per Piece 1kg+

৳ 665.00
Duck (হাঁস) Per Piece Net Weight: 1kg+ (Approx) Quantity: Per Piece.

Haur Mix Fish 1 Kg

৳ 380.00
Haur Mix Fish 1 kg Net weight: 1 kg Product type: Fish

Horina Prawn (চিংড়ি মাছ) (Per Kg)

৳ 750.00
Horina Prawn (চিংড়ি মাছ) (Per kg) Unit: 1kg.

Katol Fish (কাতল মাছ) 2.3 Kg (50gm±) Per Pc Before Cutting

৳ 665.00
Katol Fish (কাতল মাছ) 2.3 kg (50gm±) Per Pc Before Cutting Net weight: 2.3 kg (50gm±) Quantity: 1 pc Product

Live Chicken Sonalika 1kg

৳ 320.00
Live Chicken Sonalika 1kg Net weight: 1 kg Unit: per pcs

Mackerel Fish 1kg

৳ 180.00
Mackerel Fish 1kg Net weight: 1kg Product Type: Fish

Mutton 1 KG (খাসির মাংস)

৳ 890.00
Mutton 1 KG (খাসির মাংস) Net weight: 1 kg Color: As given picture.
Halal o Healthy


Halal o Healthy


Halal o Healthy


Pure and safe Grocery Store

We focus on ensuring sound health by delivering adulteration, additives & chemical free pure and safe grocery food at consumers’ doorstep.

Fresh Food

We try to keep our foods organic and fresh. Our aim is making safe foods available to as many people as possible.

Quickest Delivery

We would love to make our consumers feel like shop next to their door by ensuring quickest delivery service.

Honesty & Integrity

Our aim is to earn halal income for our stakeholders through doing business with integrity & honestly in a fair manner.

Environmental safety

We always work on keeping a healthy environment for our employees. We dump and recycle our wastes in proper manner.

Healthy Food Habit

Building a society & community with sound mind, mentality and health by developing healthy food habit.

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